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D&D 5E – Quick Play Character Sheets


Ready-To-Play First Level Character Sheets

If you want a ready-to-play first level character for fifth edition dungeons and dragons, simply select your character sheet below. Pick the race and class you want, download the filled-in character sheet, give him a name and he will be ready to play.


I used the Autofill Character Sheet that I posted [here] and used the suggested quick build from the Player’s Handbook as a guide to fill in the information.

If you want, you can change any of the information.

Changing the level will only update the next level XP goal, the proficiency bonus and all of the fields that are effected by the changed proficiency bonus. You will have to make all other adjustments that may be needed for the new, higher level character.

I used the standard array [15, 14, 13, 12, 10, and 8] for ability scores. I placed the first two scores in the abilities as suggested in the Player’s Handbook for the quick build for the class, and I put the others where I thought best for the class. I then adjusted them based on the character’s race.

For all the rest of the information, I used my best judgment to create what I thought would be a “typical” build for each race and class.

I only have Human and Dwarf for now. I will be adding the other races as I get the time to work on them.  Finished


Human_Barbarian, Human_Bard, Human_Cleric, Human_Druid, Human_Fighterr, Human_Monk, Human_Paladin, Human_Ranger, Human_Rogue, Human_Sorcerer, Human_Warlock, Human_Wizard


Dwarf_Barbarian, Dwarf_Bard, Dwarf_Cleric, Dwarf_Druid, Dwarf_Fighter, Dwarf_Monk, Dwarf_Paladin, Dwarf_Ranger, Dwarf_Rogue, Dwarf_Sorcerer, Dwarf_Warlock, Dwarf_Wizard






Dragonborn_BarbarianDragonborn_BardDragonborn_ClericDragonborn_DruidDragonborn_FighterDragonborn_MonkDragonborn_PaladinDragonborn_RangerDragonborn_Rogue, Dragonborn_SorcererDragonborn_WarlockDragonborn_Wizard




Half-Elf_Barbarian,  Half-Elf_Bard,  Half-Elf_Cleric,  Half-Elf_Druid,  Half-Elf_Fighter,  Half-Elf_Monk,  Half-Elf_Paladin,  Half-Elf_Ranger Half-Elf_Rogue,  Half-Elf_Sorcerer,  Half-Elf_Warlock,  Half-Elf_Wizard


Half-Orc_BarbarianHalf-Orc_BardHalf-Orc_ClericHalf-Orc_DruidHalf-Orc_FighterHalf-Orc_MonkHalf-Orc_PaladinHalf-Orc_RangerHalf-Orc_RogueHalf-Orc_SorcererHalf-Orc_Warlock Half-Orc_Wizard


Tiefling_BarbarianTiefling_BardTiefling_ClericTiefling_Druid Tiefling_FighterTiefling_Monk Tiefling_PaladinTiefling_RangerTiefling_RogueTiefling_SorcererTiefling_WarlockTiefling_Wizard