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Dragon Hunt – Chapter 2, Part 13 – The Cleric

Cleric of Heroneous1

Pitchlight spent all morning going from cartwright to weaponsmith to armorer and to several others in an attempt to re-provision the dragon hunt. In every case they required gold coin on the barrelhead. He was unable to get any of them to accept a share in the dragon treasure for more than face value. The gold pieces struck specifically to be exchanged for a share in Abraxas’ treasure could not be exchanged for more than the value of the gold that they contained. Some even refused to accept them at all. A rumor was spreading that Abraxas would single out anyone that possessed such a coin and that they would be the first to die on his next attack.
He couldn’t blame the citizens of Rockport. They were frightened. He had already spent all that the church of Heironeous had provided for the hunt, and quite a bit of his own personal funds as well. As it now stood, the poorly provisioned campaign could be ready in about a week. It would take that long to build or repair the wagons and assemble the meager provisions.
He left the merchant district and walked through the crowded streets of Rockport to the temple district and to the temple dedicated to his deity. As he walked he passed children playing in the streets and he found himself thinking back on the days of his childhood. Both of his parents died when he was young, leaving him and his three older sisters to be raised in an orphanage ran by the Heironeous church. Their days there were divided into 4 equal parts; rest, study of holy texts, meditation and weapon training. This left little time for play. His teachers were impressed with his understanding of the Heironean Code and tried to persuade him to take an active role in the church, but at that time he was more interested in swords than in holy script. When he came of age, he joined the king’s guard and quickly advanced in rank. One day, when leading his squad against a marauding group of goblins, something happened that changed the course of his life. After bringing down the last goblin with his own sword, he was struck by lightning.
The holy symbol of Heironeous is a fist holding a lightning bolt. Lightning has special meaning to his worshipers. Anyone killed by lightning must deserve his fate. Anyone that is struck by lightning and survives is deemed blessed by Heironeous. Pitchlight remained unconscious for 14 days. When he awoke he found himself in the temple of Heironeous on the isle of wonder being measured for a custom suit of plate mail. From that day forward he has traveled the world as a cleric of Heironeous seeking out and destroying evil.
As he approached the temple of Heironeous he was wondering if the key to defeating Abraxas was in understanding him better. He would ask Heironeous himself for help. He passed quickly through the main entrance of the worship area and arraigned with the head of the church here to have the clerics prepare the inner sanctum for a major ritual. The High Priest that ruled this temple out ranked Pitchlight in the church hierarchy but adventuring clerics were considered “the tip of the spear” in the battle against evil. While the room was being prepared, Pitchlight bathed and dressed himself in his finest suit of plate mail.
All Heironean temples are built on the same basic ideas of presenting a façade of strength and power and providing a strong and easily defensible fortress. Each individual temple varies in design to reflect the specific taste of its priest and the perceived threats that it must defend against. Each temple size is also limited by the funds available for construction. The temple at Rockport was typical for a town of this size. One thing that all these temples have in common is a room near the center that is reserved for meditation, prayer and casting of spells. The room is sanctified and blessed. Anyone not dedicated to Heironeous is forbidden entrance. At this temple, the inner sanctum was a round room 20 feet in diameter with a flat ceiling 10 feet overhead. The room was windowless and contained no furniture other than tall iron candelabrum spaced 5 feet apart around the perimeter of the room, each with four burning candles, and a brazier in the center of the room. When Pitchlight entered he was met with the sweet smell of shagbark smoke, the embers of which were glowing in the brazier. He placed a handful of the most expensive incense onto the coals and began slowly walking around the room sprinkling holy water as he strode and began the incantation to invoke a commune spell, but at the point where the spell requires the asking of questions he fell to his knees and offered up a diamond valued at 1,000 gold pieces if Heironeous would but appear to hear his questions directly.
After an hour of praying and burning of over 500 gold pieces worth of incense, his meditation and prayers were interrupted by the sound of the creaking hinge on the room’s only door as it opened. He turned and saw a priest entering the room. Angrily, he shouted, “I left express instructions that I was not to be interrupted!”
As the man entered, Pitchlight tried to place him. He was sure that he had not seen this particular priest before. He was much taller than any he had seen here in Rockport. As the priest came closer it became clear that the short robe that he was wearing under his cloak was not of cloth as he had first thought, but was indeed made of the finest chainmail. He wore no holy symbol and carried no shield. His only weapon a great battleaxe. He wore no helm. His reddish-brown hair was short and rather unkempt. His face was clean shaven and his skin was the color of burnished copper.
The stranger stopped a few paces in front of Pitchlight. The door closed of its own accord. He spoke in a very calm voice saying, “Have you forgotten how to cast a commune spell, or have you gone completely mad?”
Pitchlight felt the blood drain from his face and his anger was replaced by awe as he realized he was in the presence of his god. He fell to his knees. “Pease forgive me, but my need is great and the commune spell is so limited. This one time, I need more than riddles or cryptic answers to my three questions.”
“Have I not always answered your questions truthfully?”
“Of course, and I am more than grateful, but if you could, just this one time, answer me more fully, so that I might understand. I seek answers regarding the dragon hunt we are about to commence.”
The tall man was indeed an avatar of Heironeous. He was silent for a few moments, studying the pleading face of his cleric. “You have been good and faithful. Rise to your feet and ask your three questions. My answers will be as full and complete as possible. However, you must understand that I do not take this lightly. You must not presume that I will come to your call at your every whim. I am not your servant. You are mine.”
Pitchlight nodded his head in acceptance and paused to think for a moment before he asked his first question, “Will we succeed in defeating Abraxas?”
“You will have the resources, but to succeed you must have the wisdom to use them.”
Pitchlight wasn’t completely satisfied with that answer, but he continued on to his second, “What is this gem he seeks and why is it so important to him?”
Heironeous smiled and replied, “I will be tolerant with you, but you must not break the rules. You must ask that as two separate questions, or rephrase the question.”
Pitchlight thought for a moment. Perhaps he could get the answer he was seeking if he asked it another way, “How was the gem stolen?”
The room became dark and Pitchlight thought for a moment that he had angered Heironeous in some way. Then the darkness lifted and he found himself standing outside in what was obviously the main square of a small village. The square was empty of people and horses, which was unusual for any village in the middle of the day. The only thing in the square was a large open chest that appeared to be about half full of bags, boxes, gilded armor, mirrors, and other items that may have represented the entire wealth of the village.
Then what he thought was a small child darted past him to the chest. Pitchlight quickly recognized that this was not a child, but rather a gnome who climbed into the chest and concealed himself under the treasure as fast as he could. Then a shadow passed over him as a gigantic red dragon landed in the square and dropped a small pouch into the chest. He started to draw his sword when he realized that the dragon could not see him there. It took only a moment to realize that this was only an image being shown to him by Heironeous. The dragon turned his massive head slowly in all directions, looking at all there was to see. He must have decided that this was all the treasure this village had to offer so he closed the lid on the chest, uttered some magical words, and it vanished, leaving only a print in the dust where it had been resting.
Darkness descended upon Pitchlight once again. This time when it lifted, he found himself in a huge underground cavern. The air was hot and damp. There was a lake of molten lava that provided the only light, bathing the rocky walls and stalactite covered ceiling in a pulsating reddish light. He was on the broad shore of the magma lake and standing near a large pile of coins. There was also many treasures of every description. As he was looking at what must have been a dragon’s horde accumulated over the centuries, the chest that he had seen earlier appeared on a patch of clear ground near the treasure. A few moments later the lid began to open, slowly at first, only an inch. The gnome then lifted it the rest of the way open and crawled cautiously out. Once the gnome was confident that he was alone, he closed the chest and began to examine the great volume of treasure. He was very cautious not to move or disturb any of the treasure in any way. After nearly an hour of examining the pile of coins, the many gilded and enameled armors, the fancy dress weapons, the piles of jewels, royal coaches and other valuable items too numerous to quickly tally, a single gem mounted in a simple silver medallion began to shine with a reddish glow. The gnome made his way over to the medallion which was hanging by a simple silver chain on a rocky outcropping on the cavern wall. Pitchlight moved closer for a better view and as they were looking at the gem it began to glow more brightly. As its brightness approached that of a burning torch he heard the unmistakable sound of leather dragon wings echoing off the cavern walls. The gnome quickly dashed into a deep crevice, wedging himself as far back out of site as he could.
The dragon landed more gently than one would expect possible from a creature so massive. He smelled the air and closely examined his treasure. Once satisfied that all was as he had left it, he opened the chest and began the process of lovingly emptying it of its contents, placing each item in its proper place according to some sorting process that only the dragon could fathom. When he was finally satisfied with the distribution of his latest take, he curled himself a tight ball perched on top of the pile of coins. With a contented breath he closed his eyes, and with a final snort of sulfurous smoke he appeared to fall asleep. A couple of minutes passed before the gnome again appeared. Keeping one eye on the dragon he creeped cautiously from his hiding place and made his way over to the shining gem. He tucked it under his shirt and began to make his way quietly along the cavern wall.
Everything went dark and the cleric found himself back at the inner sanctum standing again before an avatar of his deity. Heironeous spoke, “And what is your third question?”
Still dizzy from his view into the past, Pitchlight took a few seconds to remember that everything he had just seen was an answer to his last question. He braced himself for whatever he might be shown next and asked “What is Abraxas’ greatest weakness?”
Heironeous smiled and said, “Arrogance”. Then he turned and disappeared as he walked away.

D&D 3.5 – Iconic Cleric

Thinking of playing a Cleric? Here is an excellent article regarding the pros and cons of playing a Cleric:  Clerics with Class  By Skip Williams.

Here is the information for playing an iconic Cleric character. Start with my post on Iconic Characters, then add this specific information.

Hit Die: d8

Class Skills: Diplomacy (Cha) Heal (Wis) and Knowledge (Religion)

Deity: A cleric devotes his life to serving one particular deity. The deity for your cleric depends on his race as indicated on the following table.

Race Deity
Dwarf Moradin(LG)
Elf Corellon Larethian (CG)
Gnome Garl Glittergold (NG)
Half-elf Corellon Larethian (NG)
Halfling Yondalla(LG)
Human Pelor(NG)
Half-orc Pelor(NG)

Alignment: Your cleric’s alignment should be the same as his Deity’s alignment.

Spells: A cleric casts spells drawn from the cleric spell list. However, he can’t cast spells that contain the “Evil” descriptor.

Domain Spells: When you select a Deity, you also select two of that Deity’s Domains. For each of the two domains you are granted one special power. Also, for each of the two domains, you get one domain spell for each spell level.

If you chose choose Strength and Healing as your domains, your domain powers and spells are listed here:

Strength Domain

Granted  Power: You can perform a feat of strength as a supernatural ability. You gain an enhancement bonus to Strength equal to your cleric level. Activating the power is a free action, the power lasts 1 round, and it is usable once per day.

 Strength Domain Spells


Enlarge Person

Humanoid creature doubles in size.


Bull’s Strength

Subject gains +4 to Str for 1 min./level.


Magic Vestment

Armor or shield gains +1 enhancement per four levels.


Spell Immunity

Subject is immune to one spell per four levels.


Righteous Might

Your size increases, and you gain combat bonuses.



Ignore 10 points of damage per attack.


Bigby’s Grasping Hand

Large hand provides cover, pushes, or grapples.


Bigby’s Clenched Fist

 Large hand provides cover, pushes,  or attacks your foes.


Bigby’s Crushing Hand

Large hand provides cover, pushes, or crushes your foes.

Healing Domain

Granted Power: You cast healing spells at +1 caster level.

Healing Domain Spells


Cure Light Wounds

Cures 1d8 damage +1/level (max +5).


Cure Moderate Wounds

Cures 2d8 damage +1/level (max +10).


Cure Serious Wounds

Cures 3d8 damage +1/level (max +15).


Cure Critical Wounds

Cures 4d8 damage +1/level (max +20).


Cure  Light Wounds, Mass

Cures 1d8 damage +1/level (max +25) for many creatures.



Cures 10 points/level of damage, all diseases and mental conditions.



Subject’s severed limbs grow back, cures 4d8 damage +1/level (max +35).


Cure Critical Wounds, Mass

Cures 4d8 damage +1/level (max +40) for many creatures.


Heal, Mass

 As heal, but with several subjects.

Cleric Spells Explained

As a Cleric, to cast a spell you have to prepare it. The Cleric must choose 1 hour of the day, in which he will have to pray, in order to have his God grant him the spells. For Clerics of Pelor, this will normally be at sunrise. Unlike wizards, it doesn’t matter if he has slept or not. This is when he chooses which spells he can cast that day.

To cast a spell, the cleric needs a Wisdom of 10+the spells level. (Not the casters level, the spells level) which means that, for example, if he had a Wisdom of 16 he could cast no higher than 6th level spells.

The saving throw difficulty class (DC) of his spells is 10 + the level of the spell + the Cleric’s Wis modifier. For example, if a 5th level Cleric with a Wisdom score of 16 throws a Hold Person spell. That is a 2nd level spell and his Wis modifier is (based on his Wisdom score of 16) is +3. So the DC for that spell will be 10+2+3 for a total of 15. The creature that he cast that spell on will have to make a will save of 15 or higher to resist the spell.

Clerics, know every spell on the Cleric spell list, of the maximum level of spells they can cast.

A Cleric has 2 kinds of spells. The spells he gets from his class, and his Domain spells. For example, a level 5 Cleric gets 5 spells of 0 level, 3+1 spells of first level, 2+1 of second ,1+1 of third (1 is the normal spells, and +1 the domain). He also may get more spells according to his Wisdom, refer to Table 1–1: Ability Modifiers And Bonus Spells. For example, if he had 16 Wisdom he would get 1 additional 1st, 2nd and 3rd level spell.

To prepare your spells:

1) Choose your 0 level spells.

2) Choose your 1st, 2nd, 3rd etc. level spells depending on your cleric’s level. If you have a high Wis. Score select any additional spells you are allowed. For example, if your Wis is 16, you can select 1 additional 1st, 2nd and  3rd level spell.

3) Choose your domain spells (1 for each spell level). You have 2 domain spells to choose from for each level, but you can only choose one.

Note: there is no need to choose any non-domain healing spells. That’s because you can transform any non-domain spell into a healing spell of the same level. This is called Spontaneous Casting.

Special abilities:

The following are the special abilities available to clerics. The abilities are listed under the level that they are acquired.

1st Level
Combat Casting: You get a +4 bonus on Concentration checks made to cast a spell or use a spell-like ability while on the defensive or while you are grappling or pinned.
Aura: A cleric has a particularly powerful aura that identifies him as a devotee of his particular deity.  Certain magical spells can detect this aura.
Turn Unholy: [was Turn or Rebuke Undead] By boldly presenting his holy symbol and uttering holy words, a cleric can turn away or destroy the enemies of his faith. A cleric can attempt to turn away un-dead, demons, and devils. They can do this a number of times a day equal to 3 + their Cha modifier.
2nd Level
No additional abilities are added at this level.
3rd Level
Skill Focus (Heal): You get a +3 bonus on all Heal checks
4th Level
Ability Score Adjustment: Add 1 to any ability score.
5th Level
No additional abilities are added at this level.
6th Level
Magical Aptitude: You get a +2 bonus on all Spellcraft checks and Use Magic Device checks.
7th Level
No additional abilities are added at this level.
8th Level
Ability Score Adjustment: Add 1 to any ability score.
9th Level
Alertness: You get a +2 bonus on all Listen checks and Spot checks.
10th Level
No additional abilities are added at this level.
11th Level
No additional abilities are added at this level.
12th Level
Ability Score Adjustment: Add 1 to any ability score.
Investigator: You get a +2 bonus on all Gather Information checks and Search checks.
13th Level
No additional abilities are added at this level.
14th Level
No additional abilities are added at this level.
15th Level
Skill Focus (Use Magic Device): You get a +3 bonus on all Use Magic Device checks
16th Level
Ability Score Adjustment: Add 1 to any ability score.
17th Level
No additional abilities are added at this level.
18th Level
Agile: You get a +2 bonus on all Balance checks and Escape Artist checks.
19th Level
No additional abilities are added at this level.
20th Level
Ability Score Adjustment: Add 1 to any ability score.