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D&D 3.5 – Lite – Addendum

I will eventually update Dungeons and Dragons 3.5 Lite, but until then you should make these corrections and changes.

Words to be removed are shown with a strikethrough.

Words to be added are shown in red.

p.5       Under Gnomes: “Speed: 30 20 feet”

p.15     Under Ranger special abilities: “The following are the special abilities available to clerics rangers.”

p.17     Under Rogue: “Class Skills: Climb, Climb, Decipher Script, “

p.18     Under Sorcerer: Delete the sentence “A Sorcerer is the easiest class for a player to play.”

p.19     Under Wizard Spells Explained: “The saving throw difficulty class (DC) of his spells is 10 + the level of the spell + the druid’s wizard’s Int modifier.”

p.21     Insert this entire section before Special Knowledge Rules:

Skills that have changed:

The skills Craft, Perform and Profession have been omitted as they are not adventure related.

The Track skill has been added as a separate skill, a sub-skill to Survival. Survival is no longer considered a trained skill, but track is. Any ability that adds points to the Survival skill (such as Nature Sense) also adds the same number of points to the Track skill.

p.22     Under Acquiring languages beyond first level : “Unlike those selected at first level, the selected language must be one that he has been exposed to it long enough to have learned to speak and understand it.”

p.23     Under Dying : Your character dyes at zero minus 10 HP or zero minus (his Con modifier + his level), whichever is lower. Characters die when their negative hit point total reaches -10 or one-third of their full normal hit points, whichever is a larger value.

p.23     Insert this entire section before Natural Healing:

Magical Healing

If a character with negative hit points receives healing, he returns to 0 hp before any healing is applied.

p.30     Under Size  modifier: “Your size modifier is 0 unless your size is S, then it is -1  +1

p.31     Under Misc Modifier: Add

Hide (Gnomes and Halflings  +4)

Where there are differences between the posts on this site and the entries in the book, the posts take precedence.


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