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D&D 5E – Quick Play Character Folios

Ready-To-Play First Level Character Folios

If you want a ready-to-play first level character for fifth edition dungeons and dragons, simply select the class you want, download the filled-in character sheet/folio and you will be ready to play.

Down your free first level character sheet/folio here:
Artificer (Gnome), Barbarian (Half-orc), Bard (Half-elf), Cleric (Dwarf), Druid (Elf)
Fighter (Dragonborn), Monk (Halfling), Paladin (Human), Ranger (Human), Rogue (Halfling), Sorcerer (Half-elf), Warlock (Tiefling), Wizard (Elf)

This is an update to the Quick Play Character Sheets I posted in 2020 (find them HERE).

I completely overhauled them, primarily by putting them onto the latest version of my form-fallible character sheet/folio (find that HERE). You may want to download the box by box instructions that are also on that post.

While I was at it I corrected mistakes and added more information.

I used the suggested quick build from the Player’s Handbook as a guide to fill in the information. I used my best judgement to create what I thought would be a “typical” race and build for each class.

You can easily modify these. Simply use the PDF file for the class you want to start with.

To change the race:
This folio clearly identifies where each feature, skill, proficiency or modifier comes from. Delete the ones that came from the race and replace these with the ones that come from the race you prefer to use.

To change the background:
Same as for the race, delete the ones that don’t apply and add the new ones.

To change the starting ability scores:
On the “Skills and Abilities” sheet (page 3), in the “Abilities” box, the line of ability scores at the top labelled “Base” are the original unmodified ability scores. You can re-arrange these or replace them if you choose to. All subsequent adjustments to the scores and the modifiers will be applied automatically.

To start at a higher level:
I suggest you add one level at a time, choosing the class for each level and adding the new features as you go.




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