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D&D 5E – Subclasses

To the best of my knowledge, the table below contains all the official subclasses for fifth edition dungeons and dragons (as of May 24, 2020). There are several Unearthed Acana (UA) subclasses, buy I have not included these because UA is not considered official fifth edition content.

These are the books where the subclasses can be found.

Eberron Rising from the Last War (ERftLW), Explorer’s Guide to Wildmount (EGtW), Guildmasters’ Guide to Ravnica (GGtR), Player’s Handbook (PHB), Sword Coast Adventure’s Guide (SCAG) and Xanathar’s Guide to Everything (XGtE)

Alchemist ERftLW (p. 58)
Artillerist ERftLW (p. 59)
Battle Smith ERftLW (p. 60)
Path of the Ancestral Guardian XGtE (p. 9)
Path of the Battlerager SCAG (p. 121)
Path of the Berserker PHB (p. 49)
Path of the Storm Herald XGtE (p. 10)
Path of the Totem Warrior – Bear PHB (p. 50)
Path of the Totem Warrior – Eagle PHB (p. 50)
Path of the Totem Warrior – Elk SCAG (p. 122)
Path of the Totem Warrior – Tiger SCAG (p. 122)
Path of the Totem Warrior – Wolf PHB (p. 50)
Path of the Zealot XGtE (p. 11)
College of Glamour XGtE (p. 14)
College of Lore PHB (p. 54)
College of Swords XGtE (p. 15)
College of Valor PHB (p. 55)
College of Whispers XGtE (p. 16)
Arcana Domain SCAG (p. 125)
Death Domain DMG (p. 96)
Forge Domain XGtE (p. 18)
Grave Domain XGtE (p. 19)
Knowledge Domain PHB (p. 59)
Life Domain PHB (p. 60)
Light Domain PHB (p. 60)
Nature Domain PHB (p. 61)
Order Domain GGtR (p. 25)
Tempest Domain PHB (p. 62)
Trickery Domain PHB (p. 62)
War Domain PHB (p. 63)
Circle of Dreams XGtE (p. 22)
Circle of the Land PHB (p. 68)
Circle of the Moon PHB (p. 69)
Circle of the Shepherd XGtE (p. 23)
Circle of Spores GGtR (p. 26)
Arcane Archer XGtE (p. 28)
Battle Master PHB (p. 73)
Cavalier XGtE (p. 30)
Champion PHB (p. 72)
Echo Knight EGtW (p. 183)
Eldrich Knight PHB (p. 74)
Purple Dragon Knight SCAG (p. 128)
Samurai XGtE (p. 31)
Way of the Drunken Master XGtE (p. 33)
Way of the Four Elements PHB (p. 80)
Way of the Kensei XGtE (p. 34)
Way of the Long Death SCAG (p. 130)
Way of the Open Hand PHB (p. 79)
Way of the Shadow PHB (p. 80)
Way of the Sun Soul XGtE (p. 35)
SCAG (p. 131)
Oath of the Ancients PHB (p.  60)
Oath of Conquest XGtE (p. 37)
Oath of the Crown SCAG (p. 132)
Oath of Devotion PHB (p. 85)
Oath of the Oathbreaker DMG (p. 97)
Oath of Redemption XGtE (p. 38)
Oath of Vengence PHB (p. 87)
Beast Master PHB (p. 93)
Gloom Stalker XGtE (p. 41)
Horizon Walker XGtE (p. 42)
Hunter PHB (p. 93)
Monster Slayer XGtE (p. 43)
Arcane Trickster PHB (p. 97)
Assassin PHB (p. 97)
Inquisitive XGtE (p. 45)
Mastermind XGtE (p. 46)
SCAG (p. 135)
Scout XGtE (p. 47)
Swashbuckler XGtE (p. 47)
SCAG (p. 135)
Thief PHB (p. 97)
Divine Soul XGtE (p. 50)
Draconic Bloodline PHB (p. 102)
Shadow Sorcery XGtE (p. 50)
Storm Sorcery XGtE (p. 51)
SCAG (p. 137)
Wild Magic PHB (p. 103)
The Archfey PHB (p. 108)
The Celestial XGtE (p. 54)
The Fiend PHB (p. 109)
The Great Old one PHB (p. 109)
The Hexblade XGtE (p. 55)
The Undying SCAG (p. 139)
School of Abjuration PHB (p. 115)
School of Bladesinging SCAG (p. 141)
School of Chronurgy Magic EGtW (p. 184)
School of Conjuration PHB (p. 116)
School of Divination PHB (p. 116)
School of Enchantment PHB (p. 117)
School of Evocation PHB (p. 117)
School of Graviturgy Magic EGtW (p. 185)
School of Illusion PHB (p. 118)
School of Necromancy PHB (p. 118)
School of Transmutation PHB (p. 119)
School of War Magic XGtE (p. 59)

Some official books also contain re-skins. These aren’t new subclasses but present some different options for some official subclasses. (Thank you to Matt Paluch).

New Subclass Reskin of
College of Fochlucan (SCAG p.123) College of Lore (PHB)
College of New Olamn (SCAG p.123) College of Lore (PHB)
College of the Herald (SCAG p.124) College of Lore (PHB)
The Circle of Swords (SCAG p.127) Circle of Moon (PHB)
Circle of Land – Forest (PHB)
The Moonshea Circles (SCAG p. 127) Circle of Land – Coast, Forest, or Mountain (PHB)
Order of the Dark Moon SCAG (p. 129) Way of Shadow (PHB)
Order of the Hin Fist (SCAG p. 129) Way of the Open Hand (PHB)
Order of the Yellow Rose (SCAG p. 129) Way of the Open Hand (PHB)
Order of the Companion (SCAG p. 132) Oath of Crown (SCAG)
Oath of Devotion (PHB)
Order of the Gilded Eye (SCAG p. 132) Oath of Devotion (PHB)
Oath of Vengeance (PHB)
Order of Samular (SCAG p. 132) Oath of the Crown (SCAG)
Any Class
Izzet League member (GGtR p.66) Any PC with a Spellcasting or Pact Magic class feature has access to League-only spells.



6 responses to “D&D 5E – Subclasses

  1. Matt Paluch (#BillsMafia) (@matt_paluch) May 24, 2020 at 6:21 pm

    Thanks for this! Comparing it to my google doc now…

    I like listing the re-skins as well so

    Bard re-skins
    College of Fochlucan (reskin of College of Lore, counts as PHB!) (SCAG)
    College of New Olamn (reskin of College of Lore, counts as PHB!) (SCAG)
    College of the Herald (reskin of College of Lore, counts as PHB!) (SCAG)

    Druid re-skins
    The Circle of Swords (reskin of either Circle of Moon or Circle of Land[Forest], counts as PHB!) (SCAG)
    The Moonshea Circles (reskin of Circle of Land[Coast, Forest, or Mountain]. Counts as PHB!) (SCAG)

    The Dark Moon Order (reskin of the Way of Shadow, counts as PHB) (SCAG)
    The Hin Fist – Halfling Only! (reskin of the Way of the Open Hand, counts as PHB) (SCAG)
    Order of the Yellow Rose (Way of the Open Hand reskin, PHB) (SCAG)

    Order of the Companion (Oath of Crown) (SCAG)
    Order of the Gilded Eye (Oath of Devotion or Vengeance reskin PHB) (SCAG)
    Order of Samular (Oath of the Crown) (SCAG)

    (I had missed Rogue – Scout, thanks!!)

    Wizard re-skin but close to a Sub Class due to background and Izzet League-only spells
    Wizard – Invention (GGtR p66)


    • Ronny May 25, 2020 at 10:08 am

      Not everyone reads the comments so I added this information to the post. Thank you very much.
      A couple of observations:
      The Order of the Hin Fist is not restricted to Halflings – “A few Hin Fist masters have established monasteries in lands outside Luiren, where the teachings available only to halfiings have been opened to students of other races who are willing to follow the path laid out by Yondalla.”
      The Izzet League member can be any class, although I agree that it may work best for a Wizard.
      Thanks again!


  2. Meliv April 15, 2021 at 9:42 am

    Please update this with Tasha’s cauldron and mythic odysseys.


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