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New Domain Name

This site now has a new domain name.

You may notice that this site has changed a little. The main difference is that if you enter the old site name “olddungeonmaster.wordpress.com” you will instead be redirected to my new site name “olddungeonmaster.com”. Nothing else has changed.

I just didn’t want any of my followers to freak out and think that my site had been hijacked. Any link that you may have to any of my posts or any of my files should automatically be redirected to the new address. If you have any trouble at all in that regard, please let me know as soon as passable so  can get it fixed.

The reason for the upgrade is simple. I have been using a free WordPress blog. WordPress was displaying adds on my site, which were for the most part reasonable adds. Most of them had something to do with RPG games in one way or another. By upgrading to a custom domain and enrolling in something called WordAdds, when you now see an add on my site, I will get a small compensation.



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