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D&D 5E – Character Sheet – Rev5


New Character Sheet

Download your free copy [latest version]  here.

UPDATE: The character sheets on this page are an older version. For the most recent auto-calculate Character Sheets click HERE.

My 5th edition Dungeons and Dragons auto-fill Character sheet is now better than ever! Thanks to your suggestions I made several improvements.

If you print out the blank sheet and fill everything out by hand, you will see a few, mostly cosmetic, changes.

  • The associated ability for each of the skills (displayed in a light grey) has been moved from behind the skill name to in front of the skill’s check box.
  • The ability is also listed to the left of the passive perception box and below the initiative box.
  • A space is now provided for you to enter conditions that always provide you with advantages or disadvantages.
  • The second page was adjusted to allow for more room to describe personality traits and a line was added for equipment based on background.

I think that most of you fill the sheets out on your computer to take advantage of its automatic calculation. That is where I made the most significant changes. (Drum-roll please!)

  • You can now change the calculated skills modifier. You don’t change it directly, but if you click on the grey ability name to the left, you can enter a number that will be added to the score.
  • You can change the passive perception score the same way.
  • It now calculates the initiative modifier and you can modify it the same way.

The other changes were minor.

  • The first weapon’s box has been fixed.
  • The “age”, “height”, and “weight” boxes on the first and second pages have been linked, so changes made in eater will also be made in the other.
  • All boxes where you enter text have been adjusted so the text you enter doesn’t overlap other items (easier to read).
  • The text you enter for  coins is larger.

If it isn’t obvious how to use these features, I have updated my Character Sheet Instructions: Here



2 responses to “D&D 5E – Character Sheet – Rev5

  1. Zeb Moore March 29, 2016 at 6:04 pm

    Hi Ron,
    You have the best character sheet in existence, by a LONG SHOT. Thank you for all the work you put in to it.
    We spell casters could use a “Spells Known” box. Like maybe right under the cantrips known box.
    Also My monk friends would like a Ki points and martial arts damage bonus spot. Maybe just Ki points, maybe the MA damage thing is just listed as one of their weapons. Who understands Monk anyway.
    Maybe Sorcery points could be in the same place? Ki/Sorcery points Max/Ki/Sorcery Points current.
    OK, and I know I am pushing my luck with this one, but those of us old enough to have played AD&D would be tickled if the box AC displays in was shaped like a shield like the ooooold sheets.
    You da man.


    • Ronny March 30, 2016 at 7:58 am

      Hi Zeb,
      Thanks for the compliment. I am glad you like it.
      Your suggestions regarding the spell sheet are all excellent ideas. They are going to the top of my “ideas to improve the next version” pile.
      As for the “shield” for armor class. I have been thinking that the whole sheet needs a makeover. Now that what goes in each box has settled down somewhat, the “look” of the sheet is very utilitarian. I am also a fan of the look of the old AD&D sheets.
      Stay tuned.


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